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Five 5 Pictures of Adriana Lima Without Makeup


©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM Brazillian supermodel Adriana Lima flashes a couple of peace signs as she prepares to depart from Los Angeles International Airport.  Job: 71018Y1      October 17, 2007  EXCLUSIVE      Los Angeles, California www.bauergriffin.com


On the fashion walk of the infamous Victoria’s Secret ramp show, Adriana Lima, a forever angel since 2002 was seen before her makeup and exclusive lingerie was sorted out. This celebrity before transforming into a diva spent a few hours in her au natural self, her hair in a normal wave while she looked gorgeous even without any makeup.

[tps_header]Pretty face:


A picture of Adriana was seen surfacing the net where a younger Lima posed for the photo. Even in her youth, preferably in her early days of modeling, Lima looked stunning. The picture was evidence to how Lima is not quite just a beauty on her ramps but a true beauty from the inside.[/tps_header]

[tps_header]A sighting:


Shedding her model self, Adriana Lima was photographed having a casual smoke while she had her hair in a pony and her face in twist. From the look of the picture, one can make out there is no sign of any makeup and yet it is evident that she is truly beautiful. The smoothness of her skin is evident in that luster of her skin while she sported her beautiful self.[/tps_header]

Shopping day:


A great look for the perfect shopping spree with the girlfriends, sporting a fruity summer dress Lima went out and about for fishing for some new clothes. Taking a cue from the sultry weather outside, Lima opted for no makeup as she had her hair, the front locks combed back and pinned while the rest of the hair fell free on her shoulder. Maybe sporting just a lip gloss in this otherwise warm day, Lima was a peasant sight to the eye.

A little sneak peek:


Once again we have a sneak peek on the sets of one of her modeling gigs where she reclines down as her hair is in the process of being done. Sans any makeup, Lima looked prolific and stunning while the sheer glow of the face gives evidence of her beauty.

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