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Makeup your Lips Perfectly with These Products

In this post I actually have shared the proper thanks to makeup your lips in conjunction with the product like lip balms and lipsticks which may be wont to get attractive lips like celebrities.


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Looking for the proper lip makeup that is straightforward and conjointly provide you with a additional rejuvenating look? whether or not you’re blonde, chestnut or Brown, the colors that suit you the simplest could vary. additionally, if you utilize a wrong color you’ll be able to spoil your look. Here we’ve a guide and tips that may serve you once selecting your good lip merchandise to makeup your lips to seem younger.

  1. The natural lip line can begin to fade to get older, which makes that labial bars more prone to ‘bleeding’. Trick is to outline the lip with a same color tone of the lipstick you use, so color will stay for longer and your lip line reappears.
  2. Incorrect lip colors, bars of very bright lips, very dark tones, metallic or iridescent are too heavy. And make the wrinkles above the upper lip look more. Instead, select a neutral pink tones that are the natural color of your lip and always you can stoke with a touch of brightness.
  3. Profiles the lip, even in natural tones, for a longer duration of the lipstick and also to draw the mouth that, with age, as I said above, you are becoming blurred.
  4. Use bars rather clear lips that give your face a younger and fresher look.
  5. Natural Lipsticks and bright colors give more volume to the lips, which over time tend to thin.
  6. Avoid shades of matte and go for a touch of Sheen gloss because it gives feeling of juiciness.
  7. If you have thin lips, the objective will be to make them look thick and fleshy. You must draw out the natural line of both lips (moderately) with a pencil or natural colour, beige flesh, or the same color choosen bar and fill with this, apply a pearly color or a gloss in the center of the lower lip, since these tones will give a volume effect. Never use a dark shade, it will only make your lips look even more thinner.
  8. If you have a small mouth, you need to create the illusion that seems larger. To do this, slightly lengthens the upper lip (draw a little beyond the corners of the mouth) and widens the lower (draw a little further down, especially in the middle part). Then fill in your lipstick, applied directly or with a brush. Add gloss to give volume sensation.
  9. If your problem are the drooping lips (cases in which both corners go down), outline the lower lip from the center to the ends with a natural color. When you reach the corner, don’t follow the contour shape, you have to do is force the line up. Try to fill with a brush around the inside from the drawn line. Remember the lipstick and the lips should be of the same range of tones, to not aging your look.
  10. For brunette women, there are several options: If your skin is clear and you have dark eyes, use red and orange tones that contrast with your skin. If you’re brown skin and dark eyes, the best is to opt for shades of orange to illuminate the skin. If you’re fair-skinned and light eyes, the roses in all its shades and transparent gloss is the best choice. For very dark skin, caramel tones or hazelnut and the plum are good. For the olive color skin, red brownish shades are more suitable.
  11. For Blondes, there are various options. I recommend the pink tones, especially for the Platinum blond. For blondes with brown skin, you feel great with a dark purplish red color. And blondes with fair skin are splendid with a peach day lip makeup, and Brown for the night.
  12. For brown skin women, if you have light brown skin nude tones is a nice option to even your skin tone of lips. Natural tones with golden glitter and red orange and oranges colour will favor you more if you’re brown but with darker skin.
  13. For redheads, best thing to do is to choose lipsticks in natural tones or translucent glitters. Try to opt for discrete colors, shades of orange or coral. A perfect choice, will be to apply a lip gloss in shades of passion fruit, peach, or a soft and delicate Orange, with a touch of glass.

Favorites lip products

  1. Délice des Fruits de L´Occitanelip balm. It is enriched with mild almond oil.
  2. Moisturizing lip balm in Essence with glossy finish. It provides a lighter tone.
  3. Cover your lips like a lipstick pencil for example, Nars Velvet Matte and or more color than a gloss, Sisley Phyto Lip Shine
  4. Extreme volume and shine with Dior Addict Crystal Gloss
  5. Illuminates your face in orange with Pure Color Gloss of Estee Lauder.
  6. Brightness perfect Sheer Beige with kokum and mango butter to keep lips hydrated.
  7. Red cocoa by Korres lip balm, which comes in 6 shades, leaves a red shade on your lips and very subtle touch
  8. Impassioned by Mac is Beyonce favorite and has a glossy finish that favors much.
  9. Red Passion by L’ Oréal, has most appetizing shades.
  10. Rouge Volupté Shine YSL, stains your lips with extreme and complete hydration
  11. Pink nude by Anna Sui. Nude pink or soft pink is one of the tones which is star of the season.
  12. Cream Lip Satin of Sephora, labial liquids of long-lasting, moisturizing and with a touch of brightness


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